Wiikly Update: Nothing Interesting

Ok, sorry about the “nothing interesting” title, but I wouldn’t purchase any of the games released today. Well, maybe one; Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa sounds like the funnest release of the three. It’s a platformer that was never released before here in the States, which puts you in the place of a baby who can inflate his enemies with his rattle. You can get this one for 600 points.

Then you have Dig Dug, which doesn’t really need an explanation as everyone has seen this game in some form. You can download that one for 600 points as well.

Lastly, is the one lonesome WiiWare title; My Pokemon Ranch. This one will let you watch your Pokemon and Miis interact with each other while on ranch. You can take pictures and send them to your friends on the Wii Message board too. You can get that 1,000 points.

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