LEGO Indiana Jones Demo on XBLM

LEGO Indiana Jones
Do you like LEGO’s? How about Indiana Jones? I love both and so should you. And if you’re anything like me you’ll want to head on over to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download the demo for LEGO Indiana Jones immediately. GO GET IT!

NCAA Football 09 Demo on XBLM

NCAA Football 09
If you’re looking to get your college football fix, there’s a new demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace that’s perfect for you. Go pick up NCAA Football 09 right now. It’s only available in the US and Canada.

Crash Time Demo on XBL

Crash Time
Wanna know what kind of crash it takes to snap your body in half? Then go download the Crash Time demo¬† on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Did you notice how I just assumed that you wanted to know what kind of crash it would take? Yeah… I didn’t assume. I knew.

DBZ: Burst Limit Demo on XBL

Dragon Ball Z

If you’re craving your “anime” Dragon Ball Z fix, look no further than your Xbox 360, because a demo for Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is now available. This is only available in North America though.

Race Driver: Grid Demo on XBLM

Race Driver: Grid

If you’re interested in some driving action outside of Grand Theft Auto IV, maybe you should hit up the Xbox Live Marketplace for a demo of Race Driver: GRID. You’ll get online multiplayer and you have your choice of two different cars to race on three different tracks. The demo is available in all Xbox Live regions.

Bourne Demo on XBL

The Bourne Conspiracy

If you’re interested in finding out just who Jason Bourne really is, the demo for The Bourne Conspiracy is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Devil May Cry 4 Demo DL’d 1,000,000+ Times

Capcom just sent out an email this morning stating that their latest demo for Devil May Cry 4 has been downloaded more than one million times over Xbox Live, which averages out to about 25,000 downloads a day.  This makes it one of the fastest downloads to reach a million in the history of Xbox Live. No word yet on how many downloads on the Playstation Network though.