Yahtzee Take MGS4 For a Spin

This shit is bananas! Too much diarrhea, perforated mustaches, broken hips, and homoeroticism. Watch the video and learn more about Metal Gear Solid 4.

Yahtzee Reviews Haze; Talks Shit

After a short break, Yahtzee is back and this time he’s reviewing a first-person shooter called Haze. I remember something about cake, cardboard forests, and Afroman. Check it out below

Zero Punctuation: Elder Scrolls IV

So what do you get when an Australian critic reviews one of the most popular RPG’s ever? Not as bad as you would think, coming from Yahtzee. There are a few things he hates though, such as a wide open world that looks the same everywhere and beggars voices changing completely at random times. I hated those things too, but I really loved the game altogether.

Yahtzee Takes a Step Back: Painkiller

Yahtzee sure seems to love his first person shooters when they are bloody as hell and as murderous as possible. Learn more about why you might want to pick this game up and play it during the slow summer month.

The Escapist: Condemned 2

This time Yahtzee reviews Condemned 2. He liked the first one of the series, aside from a few things, but Condemned 2 was on it’s way to being one of the best games ever…until the halfway point. Learn more about what’s wrong with this game and why you should never reveal the mystery behind the story.