N+ on XBL Arcade This Week


The tons-o-fun Flash game, N+ will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday for the cool price of 800 Microsoft points. With more than 300 levels and multiplayer modes included, you should have a lot of fun with this one.

Crystal Quest Update on XBLA

Crystal Quest

The new update for Crystal Quest includes a “score multiplier” into the game, which increases the score every time you pick up a crystal. If you fail to pick up a crystal though, your multiplier is negatively affected. The update also includes improvements to downloadable content.

XBLA Wednesday Release

Poker Smash

One new game will be available on Xbox Live Arcade this week. Poker Smash takes a new twist on the whole puzzle game genre and obviously by the name of the title, incorporates the rules of Poker into the gameplay. This game really looks like a ton of fun. I definitely suggest that you consider picking it up. It will cost 800 Microsoft points.

Two New Games on XBLA

Rez HD

There are two new games coming to Xbox Live Arcade this week. One of which is a must buy; Rez HD and Chessmaster LIVE. Can you guess the “must buy?” Yeah, of course…Chessmaster LIVE. Just awesome. Get ’em both for 800 Microsoft points each on Wednesday.

Rez HD Coming Next Wednesday

Rez HD

We all knew it was coming soon, but Rez HD has been announced as being available on XBLA next week on Wednesday. The game will be HD compatible and contain remastered music for 5.1 sound systems. This is a must own!

Get Rez HD For Free

Rez HD Contest

If you head on over to the official Rez HD website, you’ll notice that they are giving everyone the opportunity to win a free copy of Rez HD for XBLA. Just fill out a short registration form, take a small survey, and your in it to win it baby!

Get a Free XBLA Game

If you own an Xbox 360, you’ve likely noticed that the Xbox Live service has been having serious technical problems over the holidays. Marc Whitten, the GM of the Xbox Live service has stated that this is due to the “massive increase in usage” from new members. So, as an apology for the downtime and a thank you for using the service they will be offering all Xbox Live Arcade members a free XBLA game in the coming weeks. They will be providing more details at a later time.