Resident Evil 5 “Captivate 08” Trailer

Here’s an all new Japanese trailer for Resident Evil 5, giving you a little more information about Chris Redfield’s latest mission and a quick glimpse of his new partner. This game is gonna be crazy! Check it out below.

Prince of Persia Trailer

Not only do we get a trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2, but also for the newest Prince of Persia. No gameplay, but good anyway. Dramatic enough to get me pumped for the game.

New Killzone 2 Trailer

Time for some new footage from game surrounded by lies, Killzone 2. This video comes straight from the SCEE Playstation Day which occurred just this week. The game looks good, but nothing like they claimed. I still pick it up though

Boom Blox “Blockbuster” Trailer

You’ve heard about the weird game from Steven Spielberg called Boom Blox right? This game for the Nintendo Wii, doesn’t have the greatest graphics, although it obviously wasn’t meant too, but it actually looks like it could be a lot of fun. Check out this trailer below and get an idea of what you can expect from the game.

50 Cent 2 Trailer…Not Too Bad

I certainly don’t plan on buying this game but I was interested to see what 50 Cent 2 looked like, so I’m posting the trailer here in case you are too. The trailer is actually kind of cool though.