Full Pixies Album and Weezer on Rock Band

Weezer Red Album

The usual Xbox 360 Rock Band update is today and you can pick up some good stuff. First of all, you have the latest full album offering provided by The Pixies. You can download “Doolittle” for 1520 Microsoft points or individual songs from the album for 160 Microsoft points each. You can also download the Weezer pack, which contains 3 songs for 440 Microsoft points or each song for 160 points.

Another Full Album Coming to Rock Band

The Pixies Dolittle Cover

Joining The Cars and Judas Priest, a full album from the Pixies will be hitting Rock Band Soon. Harmonix announced that their album, Doolittle, will be available for download on June 17 for the Xbox 360 and June 19 on the Playstation 3.

There are 14 tracks altogether which can be purchased at $2 each or you can buy the full album for $19. That’s a lot of cash for one album, but hey, if you’re a Rock Band Fanatic, or Pixies fanatic too, it might be worth it to you.