Playstation Network Update: Boring Sport Edition

Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds

The update starts with some game demos for Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds and Top Spin 3. Both boring sports to watch but fun to play, right? There’s also a new character for PAIN, a World of Warcraft song for Guitar Hero III, and the full “Doolittle” album from the Pixies and 3 songs from Weezer for Rock Band. There are also a whole bunch of game videos, a few blu-ray trailers and two PS3 themes.

For the PSP, you can buy Medievil Resurrection for $16.99, download a Medievil Resurrection interview trailer, and a Medievil wallpaper. Not a whole lot, but still good, since Medievil is a pretty fun game. You can visit the Playstation Blog for more information.

v2.36 Firmware for PS3 Available

The v2.36 firmware update for the Playstation 3 was announced just yesterday as coming soon, and it turns out, that it was actually last night. This update is just a minor update that’s meant to improve system stability while playing select Playstation format titles. That’s about it. So boot up the PS3 and update.

In Game XMB Finally Confirmed


In a blog post today from the Playstation Blog, PSN Network Operations Director, Eric Lempel confirmed that the in-game XMB will be coming in firmware update v2.40. On top of that, it will also include “trophies” which will be the Playstation 3’s form of the Xbox 360’s “achievements.” These are some pretty cool features. The only bad thing is that the next firmware update is v2.36, so there are still a few updates to go before we see these new features. At least we know they’re coming though

Playstation Store Update: Quake Wars Edition

Again, there isn’t much but there still is some good stuff this week. You can pick up Syphon Filter 3 from the PS1 for $5.99, and there some add-on content for Army of Two, Guitar Hero III, and Rock Band. There’s also a demo for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, which I’m excited to play. The rest of the stuff consists of a bunch of game videos, a blu-ray trailer, and two PS3 Themes.

For the PSP, you can purchase full games of Syphon Filter Dark Mirror and Syphon Filter 3 and you can download a free theme, wallpaper and some game music. Visit the Playstation Blog for complete details.

MGS4 PS3 Bundles on Amazon Today

MGS4 PS3 Bundle

I don’t know how hard it will really be to find an MGS4 Playstation 3 bundle the day Metal Gear Solid 4 launches, but if you want one really bad and don’t want to take the chance of not finding one on launch day, you should check out today. They will be pre-selling the North American MGS4 bundles this morning at 10am PST. I’m betting they’ll sell out quickly, so you better be ready for some fast mouse-clicking.

PS3 Firmware Update is Live

Eric Lempel made a post last night around 7:30, simply stating that firmware update v2.35 would be going live “shortly” for the PS3 and that “This is a relatively minor update to improve stability of some PS3 titles.”. It wasn’t available to me around 8pm and I didn’t feel like waiting anymore. This morning however, it was magically there. How about that? Go get it.

PS3 GTAIV Freeze Fix?

It seems that Take-Two has suggested a sort of “fix” if that’s what you want to call it, for the freezing issues that have plagued some Playstation 3 owners Grand Theft Auto IV gameplay. I’m telling you now though, you aren’t gonna like it. The 12 step process is below. If you want a complete walkthrough, visit Gamespot. They seemed to have gotten their info from the support team at Take-Two.

1. Delete the game’s install data
2. Delete the game’s save files.
3. Disable your internet connectivity
4. Disable the console information board
5. Disabe Media Server functionality
6. Delete all of the system’s internet cache
7. Turn of the PS3 screen saver
8. Manually restart PS3 by holding power button for 5 sec. then release and turn back on by holding button for 5 sec.
9. Try game again

Now change these in-game options:

10. Turn off auto save
11. Turn off flicker filter
12. Turn off controller vibration feature