Flash Games

  • Castle Draw – Drop rocks on the stickman before they reach the top of the castle.
  • Shuffle – Knock the other players balls off of the board first. Similar in play to pool.
  • Stair Fall – Throw you character down a flight of stairs and try to inflict the most pain.
  • Zelda Lamp Shade – An all new adventure for Link. Pretty funny stuff here.
  • Candy & Clyde – Choose between Candy or Clyde and do a bunch of minigames.
  • Floejte Hero – A flute version of Guitar Hero
  • Knife Throw 2 – Throw knives at the targets and try to avoid the celebrities…or not.
  • N – a unique, physics-driven puzzle/action platformer
  • Noidzor – Sort of like Breakout, except you have to dodge stuff and cast spells

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