Patapon “Worm Boss” Trailer

Sony seems to think this is a really great game, considering the amount of attention it has been getting and it seems that many people agree. Check out this video and see if you agree.

Playstation Store Update

Lost Planet

The hot one this week is the demo for Lost Planet, but there are plenty more things for you to download as well. Here’s everything available for download on the Playstation 3 and the downloadable content on the PC is at the bottom.

Downloadable Games:

  • Go! Sports Skydiving – $4.99

PSone Classics:

  • Crash Bandicoot: WARPED – $5.99


  • Lost Planet Demo


  • Rock Band
    • Kiss – Calling Dr. Love – $1.99
    • B-52’s- Roam – $1.99
    • Faith No More – We Care a Lot – $1.99
  • Motorstorm
    • Chinese New Year Skin – Free

Game Videos:

  • MLB 08 The Show “First Look”
  • Uncharted “Final” Trailer
  • Burnout Paradise Dev Diary
  • Burnout Launch Trailer 1
  • Burnout Launch Trailer 2
  • Conflict: Denied Ops Diary 1


  • WALL-E Trailer 2
  • 30 Days of Night Trailer


  • Uncharted Wallpaper 6
  • Uncharted Wallpaper 7

Here’s the content available on the Playstation Store on the PC.

Downloadable Games:

  • Go! Puzzle! – $5.99

PSone Classics:

  • Crash Bandicoot: WARPED – $5.99


  • Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law Demo
  • Puzzle Guzzle PC Store Demo

PSP Wallpaper:

  • Twisted Metal HO Wallpaper 1

Game Videos:

  • flOw PSP Trailer
  • Twisted Metal: Head On Behind The Scenes 1
  • Twisted Metal: Head On Behind The Scenes 2
  • The Cryptics Video
  • Brave Story: New Traveler Trailer

flOw Coming to PSP

flOw Screenshot

Sony has announced that a PSP version of the small, but popular game, flOw, will be hitting the Playstation Store soon. Neither a release date or a price have been announced, but it’s likely to be coming this week during the regular Playstation Store update on Thursday. Hopefully.

PSP Firmware 3.90 Available

PSP Skype Photo

SCEE has announced that a new firmware update is now available. Version 3.90 lets owners of the PSP Slim and Lite to make use of Skype functionality, so you can make and receive phone calls for free to anyone else on the Skype service. Check out the Playstation Blog for more info.

Get a Patapon Demo and Secret Weapon

Patapon Screen

If you pre-order Patapon for the PSP at your local Gamesopt, you’ll get your hands on special prize. A DEMO!!! The cool thing about this is that if you play through the demo and save your progress, you’ll be able to continue where you left off on the full version of the game.

Yeah, that’s pretty cool, but it gets even better. In the demo, you get the Spear of Protection and this will transfer over to the full version as well. This is the only way you’ll be able to get this weapon. The demos don’t seem to be in stores yet though, but should be within one to two weeks.

Silent Hill Origins Coming to PS2

Silent Hill Origins PS2

In some awesome news, the PSP take on the Silent Hill series, Silent Hill Origins, has been announced to be coming to the Playstation 2. Silent Hill has always been one of my favorite games, and I definitely can’t wait to play this. I’ve actually only played a little bit of this one on my brother’s PSP and I got my ass handed to me by five nurses, but the game still felt scary and a whole lot of fun. The game will also feature updated controls. No release date has yet been set as the game is currently in development.

God of War: Chains of Olympus Box Art

God of War: Chains of Olympus Box Art

If you’re waiting for God of War: Chains of Olympus for your PSP, there’s some new box art that’s just been released to hold you over. With the box art ready, you know that the game is right around the corner.

Sony Bringing Skype To PSP

Skype Logo

Sony has revealed that Skype, a VOIP provider, will be bringing their voice chat technology to the PSP in North America. They have not announced yet just how much of this technology will be coming though, but Sony’s CES website mentions that users will be able to “call friends, talk trash to fellow gamers, or catch up with acquaintances via Skype for PSP system.” Sounds awesome!