Magic: The Gathering for Xbox Live

Magic: The Gathering Logo

Wow, I actually remember buying starter packs for this game when I was in high school about 10 years ago. Yeah, I was a nerd, but I really loved that game. My cards are probably worth a fortune by now too, considering how much they were worth then. Anyway, if you are a fan of the game, you’ll soon be able to enjoy it on your Xbox 360 as well as your computer.

Wizards of the Coast has announced that the very popular game will be developed by AStainless Games, Ltd. who will be providing the XBLA version and Mind Control Software, who will be developing the Mac version. The two together will work together on the creation of the Windows version.

Playstation Store Update

Some so-so stuff this week. Lots of videos but not much to play. Of course the Patapon demo for the PSP looks great though. The Playstation Store for the PC stuff is at the bottom of the post.

MLB 08 The Show Demo

Add-on Content:
Rock Band
The Police – Truth Hits Everybody – $1.99
The Ramones – Teenage Lobotomy – $1.99
The Clash – Complete Control – $1.99
Punk Pack 2 – $5.49

Game Videos:
MLB 08 Road to the Show Tutorial
LittleBigPlanet Create-A-Level
Tony Hawks Proving Ground – Launch Trailer
Conflict Denied Ops Diary 2
Conflict Denied Ops Diary 3
Burnout Accolades Trailer
Turok “Weapons” Trailer
Turok “Creatures” Trailer

Movie Trailers:
The Ruins Trailer

PS3 Themes:
Super Stardust HD Theme

Here’s all of the Playstation Store content downloadable on the PC.

Downloadable Games:
Twisted Metal: Head On – $14.99

Patapon Demo
MLB 08 The Show Demo

Game Videos:
Twisted Metal: Head On Behind The Scenes 3
Twisted Metal: Head On Behind The Scenes 4

PSP Wallpaper:
Twisted Metal HO Wallpaper 2

Massive Team Fortress 2 Update Today

Team Fortress 2

There’s a huge patch coming today for Team Fortress 2, scheduled to be released at 11 AM PST. On top of the free patch, you’ll also get a new map; Badlands, which was featured in Team Fortress Classic originally. Read below for the humongous list of changes that the latest patch brings.

Changes to Dustbowl:

  • Added a new access point to the stage2 attacker gates (drop-down left from spawn), allowing attackers a way to reach the left route without being subjected to the spam and sentry gun fire
  • Fixed a gap in stage 3, cap 1 that allowed a player with to wiggle above the “ceiling” clip
  • Fixed a gap behind stage 1, cap 1 house
  • Fixed a high perch on stage1 cap1 house roof
  • Fixed a perch offering view of nodraw textures and the skybox (stage1 cap2 rock barrier)
  • Fixed a few places where rockets/demoman pipes could pass through non-solid models
  • Sealed up a gap over stage1 lower startgate
  • Clipped off tall windows in stage 3 to prevent sentry guns from behind built behind them

Changes to Capture the Flag Well

  • Fixed trains not starting on map spawn
  • Removed cap association from red spawns that were spamming console

Changes to Granary

  • Removed spawn timing advantage from the middle (from -3 to 0)
  • Fixed several model perch exploits (red, blue cp1 gate and blue cp2 gate pipe)
  • Fixed a few places where players could get stuck between containers and silos
  • Adjusted playerclips on red container that made it appear like players were floating

Other changes:

  • Added a small delay (200 ms) before a zoomed sniper shot can get a critical hit
  • Added server side convar mp_fadetoblack. Same functionality as Counter-Strike, used mainly during in-person tournaments and LAN events
  • Added flamethrower “sizzle” sound when the Pyro is hitting a target
  • Updated explosion debris to be a bit darker
  • Fixed idle players not being kicked from the server if mp_allowspectators was set to 0
  • Added ctf_well to the default mapcycle.txt file
  • Added ctf_well to the default motd.txt file
  • Fixed floor tile material type
  • Fixed some weapon damage info missing from TF2 game stats
  • Made some small changes to the Demoman viewmodel that were causing performance problems
  • Added exec’ing a .cfg file on the client when you select a class to play.
  • Added a new timer to the HUD to show the value of mp_timelimit. This is useful if you’re playing a timed match on 2Fort, where you only set a timelimit on the server and no other win conditions.
  • Added server log entry for buildings destroyed by their owner
  • Fixed sentry gun shadows being clipped
  • Updated glass material

Valentines Day With Sony Entertainment

Hairy Heart

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that they will have special Valentines Day events within several of your favorite online games. The games to check out are EverQuest II, EverQuest Online Adventures, Star Wars Galaxies, and Planetside. If you’ll be checking these out on Valentines Day…I’m sorry.

Spore Gets an Official Release Date

Spore has been talked about within the gaming community for a long time now and many people are anxious to get their hands on it. Well, Electronic Arts has given us a release date of September 7th, 2008 for PC, Mac, DS and the mobile phone. Not as good as the expected Spring target, but at least we have a firm date to look forward to. Begin counting down the days. Oh, and here’s a “launch trailer” which doesn’t really explain much.

Free Game: Frets On Fire

Frets on Fire

How about another free game? This time the game is Frets on Fire. This game is very much like Guitar Hero, except it’s played using your computer’s keyboard. This game has all kinds of great features. First, it supports guitar controllers, so you don’t actually have to play with your keyboard if you really don’t want to. The game also contains hundreds of community created songs, it has a song editor to create your own songs, and it supports the importing of Guitar Hero 1 and 2 tracks. Oh yeah, and it’s Mac, Linux, and PC compatible. This really is a great one.

Get a Free Full Game For Mac, Linux and PC

Freeciv Screenshot

Don’t you just love the open source community? That’s where Freeciv came from and now you get to play the complete full version for free. Freeciv is an empire building strategy game that was inspired by the history of human civilization. The goal of the game is to basically to lead your tribe from way back in the times of the stone age all the way to the future of the space age. You can download the game for either Mac, Linux, or PC.