Next Weeks Rock Band Update

Jimmy Buffet

The Rock Band update for next week has been revealed, and I have to say that it really is an odd one. There are two content packs, one for Jimmy Buffet and one for Disturbed. See! Weird combination, huh? The tracks will be available for download on Tuesday for the Xbox 360 and Thursday for the Playstation 3. Here are the specifics;

  • Jimmy Buffet
    • Margaritaville
    • cheeseburger in Paradise
    • Volcano
  • Disturbed
    • Indestructable
    • Inside the Fire
    • Perfect Insanity

Crash Time Demo on XBL

Crash Time
Wanna know what kind of crash it takes to snap your body in half? Then go download the Crash Time demo¬† on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Did you notice how I just assumed that you wanted to know what kind of crash it would take? Yeah… I didn’t assume. I knew.

Play the Battlefield: Bad Company Demo on Xbox

Battlefield: Bad Company looks like a bad-ass game, right. So you probably can’t wait to play the demo on Xbox 360 on June 5th. But wait! If you pre-order the game now, you can get access to the demo right now. A whole week earlier. Hey, if you plan on buying the game anyway, you might as well.

In-Game XMB Coming to PS3?

Playstation 3 owners have been waiting patiently for the long time and often promised in-game XMB, and rumor has it that this functionality may soon be appearing in the next firmware upgrade. I certainly hope so, because it’s really been long enough, in my wonderful opinion.

Playstation Store Update

Top Spin

Another week, another PS Store update. Not a very good one either. This week you can pick up the entire debut album from the Cars on Rock Band for $14.99 or each song individually if you like too. There are also discounts on a song from Lynyrd Skynyrd and All-American Rejects.

For game videos, you can watch stuff from Top Spin, Battlefield Bad Company, Dead Space, Project Origin, and Quake Wars. There are a couple of blu-ray trailers and PS3 wallpapers as well.

Next Weeks XBLA Release: Roogoo


Microsoft hasn’t announced next weeks game yet but the company who created it did. Southpeak Games has revealed that next weeks Xbox Live Arcade release will their own, Roogoo. Roogoo is puzzler in which the player has to guide meteors in the form of shaped blocks through rotating discs. This will be task given to you to save the world. Cool.

Nascar Demo on XBL Marketplace

If you’re itchin’ fer some cars going ’round a circle, head on over to the Xbox Live Marketplace and pick up the demo for Nascar ’09. It’s available only to Canadian and United States residents though.

Gametap Will Focus Solely on Games

Gametap Navigation

If you are a subscriber to GameTap, you’ve likely watched a few of the reviews and other videos they’ve put out. Well, those days are over. The editorial team has been cut completely from the company which puts out reviews, previews, news, and videos.

The company has decided that they will put their entire focus on distributing games. So what does this mean for GameTap? Who knows, but it’s never good when a company has to cut employees because it likely means enough money isn’t coming into the bank.

Saints Row 2 Gets a Delay

According to a report from Reuters, the upcoming sequel from THQ, Saints Row 2 is getting a delay of two months. This is due in part to product quality and marketing considerations. The game was supposed to launch on August 26, but will now see a release date of October 14. So that sucks.

First Footage of Guitar Hero World Tour

It seems that the first footage of Guitar Hero World Tour is out and it’s very much like Rock Band. Very much as in pretty much identical. I guess that’s not bad though. I wonder it Harmonix has a lawsuit planned after all of the crap that Activision put them through with Rock Band.

The beginning of the video is funny too, because when Activision CEO Bobby Kotick introduces the game, he says “the first time you’ll have multiple instruments, ” and Kara Swisher says “It’s called Rock Band, I think.” Ha ha. We ain’t stupid Activision. The game does look fun though, but I’m not ready to spend another $190 on a variation of a game I already own. Anyway, check out the video with Tony Hawk playing guitar and Paula Abdul judging the performance.