Metal Gear Solid 4 Release Date

The game every Playstation 3 owner has been waiting for, Metal Gear Solid 4, will be coming to North America on June 12th. So if you haven’t beaten the other three yet, you better get started, because times runnin’ out. To be honest, I still need to play MGS3. I own it…I just haven’t played it.

Re-Download These Rock Band Tracks

In addition to the Playstation Store udpate, you can also re-download these tracks, as they have been patched. The downloads are free if you already purchased them.

Can’t Stand Losing You
Police Pack 01
Brass in Pocket

Playstation Store Update

Nothing much on the Playstation Store this week. A bunch of crappy videos and lots of music stuff. I’m pickin’ up that NIN stuff though.

Pain: Scurv Dogg Character – $0.99

Rock Band
NIN – “March of the Pigs” – $1.99
NIN – “The Collector” – $1.99
NIN – “The Perfect Drug” – $1.99
Nine Inch Nails Track Pack 1 – $5.49

Guitar Hero III: No Doubt Track Pack – $6.25

Game Videos
MLB 08 The Show “My MLB” Music Video
MLB 08 The Show “Blog” Video
MLB 08 “Amare Stoudemire Bio”
Condemned 2: Bloodshot Trailer 1
Lost Planet Trailer 2

Movie Trailers
Star Trek Teaser Trailer

PS3 Themes
PAIN: Scurv Dogg Theme

PS3 Wallpaper
Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Wallpapers

Here’s what you can find on the Playstation Store for PC:

Game Videos
Patapon Trailer
Secret Agent Clank Trailer

Rock Band Alternative for Kids

Disney Games Logo

If you’re a parent and you feel like Rock Band or Guitar Hero is just a little too “grown up” for your kids, lighten up, because they’re gonna rebel like crazy in their teens if you don’t… or you can wait til this holiday season when Disney releases Ultimate Band.

Ultimate Band is a rhythm-based music game that’s being designed right now for the Nintendo Wii and the DS. Disney has already stated that they are working with some of the biggest bands in the music industry. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean Killswitch Engage and Ozzy Ozbourne though.

One of the cool features about this though, is that the DS version will allow players to create their own songs with the touchscreen and stylus. The Wii version will also play to the strengths of the system, incorporating the Wii-mote functionality but details for that haven’t been announced yet. So keep an eye out towards the end of the year.

More About Mario Kart Wii Text Chat

Well if you thought it was bad enough that Mario Kart Wii doesn’t even have voice chat, it gets worse. They’ve announced that they will have have text chat, at least, but it seems that it’s extremely limited. You can’t even type in what you want, actually. Their version of text chat will only consist of a limited selection of automated phrases, such as “Hello.” Wow, Nintendo needs to kick the old guys out of the development department.

Guitar Hero III “No Doubt Track Pack”

No Doubt

The latest Guitar Hero III update has hit the Xbox 360 and should hit the PS3 later today. The No Doubt Track pack contains three all original songs as performed by No Doubt for the price of 500 Microsoft points. The songs included are:

  • Don’t Speak
  • Excuse Me Mr
  • Sunday Morning

New Playstation Home Video Leaked

Looks like someone couldn’t help but show off some of the features of latest version of Home, despite the User Agreement of the Beta. Check out this video, synced to a very crappy song, to see what’s been going on.

New “Real World Rules” Alone in the Dark Video

If you were impressed by the first “Real World Rules” video for Alone in the Dark, you definitely don’t want to miss this one. This game just has so many cool things that you can do. This one seems to be more about using fire, creating fire, and burning table legs.